Thanks for actually reading my About me page. Not too many people do so I’m glad you came poking around! I started Street Fashionism in 2007 as a fashion project when I was in school for business management, specializing in Fashion.

HelenAfter I graduated, I started working for a company that drop-shipped beauty supplies, you can read about it here. My friend & I started blogging more often, and we decided we would run together!

This is Helen on the right, she does a lot of the Travling fashionista blog posts. Helen has been traveling, going to conferences & runway shows like Vogue and other major Fashion shows for quite some time. She still comes on to update our Traveling Fashionista Section;

erinMy name is Erin, and I’m the founder of This is me on the left. I’m truly blessed to be able to have grown StreetFashionism into a go-to online fashion blog, talking about health, fashion, shopping & more.

I plan on continuing to build this brand over the next few years, and see where it takes me. I would ultimately like Street Fashionism to be the go-to resources for celebrities and us regular old gal’s to see what the lastest trends are, what’s hot, and to find clothes that aren’t available to others yet

Please contact me at [email protected] for any media inquiries, or visit our

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