How Green Tea helps Lose Weight Naturally

healthy teaGreen tea is ranked as one of the healthiest beverage you can enjoy. Loaded with antioxidants coupled with other healthy substances, organic loose tea us probably one of the most researched beverages by scientists across the globe. There have been numerous scientific studies that have found organic loose tea to be effective in helping user lose weight in a healthy way. This article is designed to explain to you how organic loose tea helps you lose the extra pounds effectively.

How green tea helps, you lose weight

Organic loose-leaf tea has been clinically proven to contain healthy substances that can easily help burn the extra body fats and consequently help you lose weight. if you are thinking of green tea as simply hot flavored water, think again. It comes with a wide array of bioactive substances which easily dissolves in water transforming it into the ultimate healthy drink.

By drinking a cup of this high quality and healthy tea, you are benefiting your body from the numerous substances with a vast range of biological effects. Among these substances is caffeine where by a cup of organic loose leaf tea contained about 24 – 40 mg. Although this content is relatively low compared to what a cup of coffee offers, 100-200 mgs, it is still effective providing mild effects. As you probably know, caffeine is a known stimulant that has been proven to help in burning fats and better your performance during exercises. Want to get a free advice? Contact Tea Leaf Co. to learn more.

Get loose leaf tea here and enjoy the massive range of beneficial antioxidants such as catechins. The high catechins content is gives the green tea its top spot as a healthy drink. From the catechins, the most important substance is the ECGC that is proven to be quite effective in boosting your metabolism. Once you get loose leaf tea here, you can either choose to benefit from the ECGC metabolism enhancing abilities by taking the tea, or by purchasing the green tea extract supplements.

Loose leaf tea can help mobilize body fats contained in fat cells

For you to enjoy the fat burning abilities of the loose leaf tea, the fats must be broken down into simple fat cells and then into the bloodstream. The active substance in the tea is known to aid in boosting the fat burning process by stimulating relevant hormones. EGCG has been known to help inhibit enzymes responsible for breaking down hormone norepinephrine. By inhibiting the hormone, the number of norepinephrine is raised.

Norepinephrine is a hormone used by our nervous system a a signal to fats accumulated in the body forcing them to break down. The higher the level of norepinephrine is, the more the fats your body will burn.