The beauty and style together – Herend

The making of herend porcelains pieces usually has a procedure that it follow, the procedure was developed early during its establishment and it a number of special components and steps which are followed to make the pieces durable and attractive to the buyers. Kaolin which is a type of a fine clay is an important ingredient used during the process of porcelain making, this ingredient is mixed with others such as feldspar, water and quartz which enhances greater results of the pieces made since the combination of these ingredients make a great and smooth paste.

Making of the pieces

This paste that is made from these ingredients is poured into a mold which has been shaped by an artist this paste creates a beautiful and great design. The artist usually cut out patterns which are lace like into porcelain. Paints are applied and this depends with the objects design to keep it looking attractive for interested buyers, real gold can also be painted and this give the piece made some richness and shimmer. However all the artist involved in making this fanciful designs must undergo years of training so as to master the skill required in the making of these pieces which after completion they are supplied to shop herend where they are displayed until they get a purchaser who is willing to purchase them

Why purchase from shop herend

Herend factory is an old factory which is dated back into the 1820s, the factory had been established as an earthenware pottery manufacturers and this led to the porcelain production, by the 19th century the factory had great venues where they did their product marketing and displayed all their pieces to the potential buyers who knew that herend factory always made excellent products. Most of the orders received at the shop herend comes from people who have high ranks in society today, this means that the pieces found at herend factory are of high standards and are liked by many.

Most of the pieces are used for decorations, some of the famous people who are customers of the herend products include Queen Victoria, Prince Charles, Arnold Schwarzenegger and prince Williams. These are people who are greatly recognized in the society and this is an enough prove that once you purchase from herend shop you will have no regrets and you definitely become one of their customers because their pieces do not disappoint.

Buying from herend

Pieces can be ordered from herend online all you have to do is look for a licensed distributors, you can purchase small pieces like cups and saucer sets, vases, plates and bowls. Pieces from herend are great and you will never regret purchasing their products